Staff of Balance

Despite any attempt to knock it over or lay it prone, this staff remains on steady and upright on its bottom tip.


See stats for a masterwork quarterstaff in the Player’s Handbook. Cost: worthless-1000g, depending on who finds it fascinating enough.


This staff was first created in a wizard academy by a bored student who occasionally indulged himself in physical activity. The student is unknown, but the staff is believed to be hundreds of years old, having traveled many lands in many hands. Its hardiness is partly attributed to its passalong nature, having been given vitality by its simple usefulness. This staff imparts no special powers upon its user, and costs them nothing. It simply continues existing and helping people walk, while never being able to be lain on its side. Rumors tell of a great knowledge that lays dormant in the staff, due to its extensive travels. However, none have seen heads nor tails of this touted wisdom.

Staff of Balance

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